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Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown Music was founded and created by the one and only Dustin Brown. Dustin plays many instruments and is always writing, creating, and producing his own music as well as his own original covers of songs that have already changed the world. Playing locally at all the local's favorite spots is regularly on his calendar. Also, he isn't opposed to traveling for events and shows. Jamming with other local artists and creating a new sound is another favorite activity of his. Other new endeavors are up and coming as he is putting together a band that will be named "56low." Dustin has one of the most inspiring life stories & connecting, collaborating, and creating with others are just a few ways that he shares his life experiences through music. Get to know Dustin more and book him now!

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Dustin Brown

Founder & Director 

HI! I'm Dustin. I like playing music, I like doings things & I can't wait to share my music with you all. Looking forward to connecting. 

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